American Chilly - это необычная игра по смыслу и по сути. Главный герой провел за рулем 23 часа 45 минут и 19 секунд, от недосыпания и без всякого отдыха, он начинает ловить глюки, простите за некрасивое слово - галлюцинации. На полпути между такими мегаполисами как Лос - Анджелес и Лас - Вегас , в самый неподходящий момент заканчивается топливо, а вокруг одна пустыня, солнце до предела накалило песок, ваш компьютер от перегрева дал дуба, GPS и вовсе перестал работать. Вам мерещатся инопланетяне и гигантские насекомые, а Человек - Кактус и знакомые вам летс-плейщики не дают возможности хоть часок подремать. Множество игровых режимов и уровней, не дадут вам возможности поскучать, к счастью вы находитесь недалеко от придорожного городка, где вы сможете получить полноценный отдых, заправить свои баллоны газом и отправится дальше.

Основное описание игры

Consider this: You are in the desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and you have been driving 23 hours 45 minutes and 19 seconds straight. Your gas gauge is next to empty, you are hungry, and you desperately need sleep, so you pull over. Is this real or are you hallucinating? Fortunately, the last place for the next 100 miles to get Lodging, Chili, or Gas is somewhere nearby, American Chilly. Oh, and your GPS on your computer just crashed, so you need to wait for it to restart. Will you survive the Cactus People, Aliens, Giant Ants and other strange creatures? For the best experience, turn up the volume on your computer, and play in the dark. Have fun and rock out with special guests, Pewdipie, Markiplier, Vanoss Gaming, and JackSepticeye. These are our favorite. Let's Play Bros!

The lyrics to the songs tell the story of American Chilly and what will happen when you get there.

The first song you hear is Psycho and on Level 1, you hear American Chilly: It's about Morgen Enright, owner of American Chilly, drinking the well water which is cursed, the entire valley floor is polluted with peyote and it trickles down into the water table. He hallucinates and he believes there is a snake monster in the toilets. He spikes the customers chili with laxatives so they have to run to the restroom. He uses them as bait so that the monster will attack them while they are on the toilet. This gives him the chance to either electrocute the monster or hack it up, however he is really killing the customers.

On Level 2 the song Cactus People is about the Indians getting killed in 1848 and the curse.
On Level 3 is the song 'Finger It Out'. It's about using your fingers to text people.
Level 4 is the song 'Horrortox', it's about getting addicted to the substance.
Level 5 is 'Heartattack'. Morgen Enright, in the musical, has a heart attack from drinking alcohol and mixing it with peyote.
Then there is the victory song you can hear by typing in the code "hellyeah" enter.

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