Caveblazers - отличное сочетание рогалика, аркадного шутера, поиска предметов с исследованием бесконечных случайно-генерируемых подземелий, где выбудете в недрах земли искать сокровища, вступать в сражения с множеством опасных, умных, хитрых врагов, с неизбежной или необратимой смертью. Все начинается с того, что археологи обнаружили пещеру, по преданиям старожилов в ней хранится - невообразимая власть. Ваш игровой персонаж - это искатель приключений, которому не сидится на одном месте, и он отправляется в это сложное и очень опасное исследование вглубь пещеры, дабы найти в ней все спрятанные сокровища. Загвоздка в одном, что не только вы жаждите наживы, и желания бессметно разбогатеть. В игре присутствует функция ближнего и дальнего боя, при встрече своих оппонентов, вы заметите, что они управляются искусственным интеллектом, часть из них будет помогать вам, иная часть совсем наоборот. Улучшайте экипировку и оружие, и выдвигайтесь в незабываемое путешествие.

Caveblazers is an action focused platformer roguelike set in a fantasy world. Each game is unique with procedurally generated levels to explore, and a massive amount of items, weapons and equipment.
The game takes place in a recently discovered cave, said to hold "unimaginable power". You play as an adventurer setting out to explore the cave and find out what riches it holds, however you are not the only one.

As you delve deeper in to the cave, you'll discover new areas to explore, new weapons and new monsters to try them out on.

Key Features
AI Characters - Throughout your journey in Caveblazers you will encounter other adventurers. These adventurers are AI controlled characters which have randomized behavioral characteristics, determining how they interact with other adventurers. Some will follow and help you, some will run from you, and some will be aggressive towards you. The advanced pathfinding system means that these adventurers will most likely be able to track you down wherever you hide. There is no escape. Be afraid.
Platformer Roguelike - Caveblazers is a modern platformer, but also incorporates some Roguelike and RPG elements such as permanent death, randomized potion identities, RPG-style inventory and a massive amount of items, weapons, equipment and upgrades.
Procedural Level Generation - Each level is procedurally generated, destructible, and full of dangerous monsters, items and things for the player to interact with.
Melee and Ranged Combat - This is a feature which is mostly overlooked in other modern roguelikes. Caveblazers attempts to move away from the simplistic combat systems we've seen in other games in the genre, and incorporates fun, fluid and fast-paced combat which is accentuated by the game's brutal and persistent blood effects.
Modern/Retro - Caveblazers features retro pixel art combined with modern technologies and sound effects, resulting in an interesting aesthetic.

Planned Features
The features in the full release will largely depend on community feedback. However, our initial thoughts about future features are as follows:
Loads more items, weapons, equipment, etc.
New melee and ranged weapon types which can be selected in the starting area.
Character customization.
Epic boss fights at the end of each area.
Improvements to the AI characters, making them smarter and more varied.
Additional areas.
More enemies, specific to each area.
An ending.

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