Изучать законы элементарной физики и увлекательно проводить свое свободное время вам поможет данная весьма интересная и оригинальная игра Particulars. Данная игра создана студией See Through Studios и уже претерпела массу изменений и усовершенствований, перечень которых вам представлен в подробном описании. Вероятно данная игра понравится не всем, но те кто попробует поиграть в данную игру имеют возможность поделиться своими впечатлениями с другими игроками при помощи комментариев в полном описании.

Необычная игра, в которой Вы управляете точечной частицой с электрическим зарядом - кварком. Игра основана на физических законах элементарных частиц.

Список изменений:
• Updated level progressions for Chapters 1-4
• Polish for level design in Chapters 1-3
• New Menu System! Basic scaffolding and functionality in place (more to come, including proper gamepad support & more options)
• 'Continue' button starts the game where you left it
• Win Conditions now stay on screen until you press enter, look like the rings used in-game
• 2.14: 'Rescue' made much, much better
• Small scripting changes
• Changed the chapter 1 comic over to the shorter one for the time being
• Bug Fixes
• Physics upgraded to native Unity Box2D (should boost performance)
• Fixes to the walls (soon to be called 'fields')
• Super awesome automatic build scripts, with changelogs etc.
• Small story fixes
• New music for chapters 2-4
• New colour-coded design for particles
• Too many things since the last time we did a proper changeset, including:
• Voice Acting in Chapter 1
• Chapter 2 and 3 story
• Taking out the story for the alpha builds (spoilers!)
• Tweaking chapters 2 and 3
• Better examination mode
• iPad kinda works now... in some circumstances
• Slightly nicer menu screen (which is totally going to be scrapped)
• Cool new wall effects
Feeling overwhelmed by the vast, uncaring world? Maybe you need a new perspective. Look close. Closer still. And closer ...
Particulars is a game with a unique combination of arcade-action and puzzle gameplay, set in the mysterious world of subatomic particles. Alison is a young scientist who feels that life has gotten away from her. Join her on a dark and strange journey through the unsolved mysteries of the subatomic realm on her way towards regaining clarity. Other particles will push and pull at you, keeping you on the brink of losing control and being dragged towards annihilation!
Particulars is currently in Alpha and is updated frequently. The more sales we get, the better the game will become. Visit ParticularsGame.com if you'd like to support us at a higher level (and receive exciting bonuses into the bargain!).

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