Damage - это сочетание научно - фантастического хоррора и шутера от первого лица. Все действия в игре развиваются в далеком будущем на одной из немногих пустынных планет во Вселенной. На поверхности этой пустыни в глубоком каньоне находится башня, она является последним свидетелем еще живой жизни, забытой и очень враждебной цивилизации: Raknos. Эта цивилизация уничтожила всех местных жителей, после чего и ее след простыл. Но спустя тысячу лет планета была повторно заселена, жизнь начинает процветать, на ней нет ни правительства, ни руководящих органов, в этот момент появляется беззаконие и полным ходом растет криминалитет. Местные жители сообщают о тревожных фактах и неизвестных существах, после встречи с которыми, люди страдали на галлюцинации и головные боли. Ваша роль как охотника за головами распутать этот клубок, защитить центральное ядро и взамен за это обрести свободу.

Nethis, a desert-like planet.
On its surface, in a fairly remote canyon, lies a tower. This tower is one of the last remnants of a forgotten hostile civilization : the Raknos.
Once used by them to exterminate all of Nethis' locals, the tower became abandoned after the Raknos have disappeared without a trace, standing motionless.

A thousand years later
Since then, Nethis has been recolonized and the Raknos fell into a total oblivion, they simply don't exist anymore, even in the Galaxy's history.
Life is thriving on the little planet, despite lacking of any kind of government. Because of this, most of the cities are controlled by crime lords and nefarious criminals.

Since a few months, locals are reporting alarming facts about unknown creatures spotted in the plains of Nethis. But those creatures weren't the only eerie thing :
more inhabitants reported also suffering of hallucinations and terrible headaches after having stayed near the tower.

All of those informations could only mean one thing : there was still some activity inside the tower. Most of the crime lords allied themselves to conduct looting raids in the tower.
Unfortunately, at each of their operations, none of their men were coming back home.

Worried, they were forced to require assistance from the army of the United Federation of Planetary Systems, which was the actual government in most parts of the galaxy.
The Federation answered to the call, in exchange, their leaders demanded to establish Federal outposts into cities, for commercial purposes.

You are a bounty hunter, awaken from a several centuries long sleep by a mysterious AI called "The Patriarch". The Federation had hijacked the tower's security systems, thus allowing secbots to turn rogue.
Your mission is to protect its central core, in exchange of your freedom.

• Unified shader model
• Over 11 levels for more than one hour of gameplay
• Gritty sci-fi atmosphere
• Exploration and platforming

Damage Damage Damage