Dead Acres [Update 2.1] - это занятная игра в стиле survival-farming, где главный герой в светлое время суток занимается земледелием и ведение фермерского хозяйства. По ночам ему приходится вооружаться до зубов и защищать в неравных схватках весь свой пожиток от разъяренных зомби и прочей нечестии, которая пришла полакомится легкой добычей. Используйте для этого все подручные средства, ставьте ловушки и мины, частоколы и заграждения, смотровые башни и автоматические пулеметы. Улучшайте свое оружие, ищите боеприпасы, ведите борьбу на разных локациях и не дайте зомби ни единого шанса на победу. Испытайте свои силы в 8 различных местах, соберите все ключи, которые помогут вам защитить вашу землю от апокалипсиса.

Update 2.1:
• Fixed spitter zombies causing "pigeon poo" effect in Dead Country.
• Fixed chainsaw turret not animating properly.
• Fixed reinforced wall gate not showing sign post on top half
• Improved grenade launcher. Now explodes on impact, but be careful as it will damage your assets as well if they are within the blast radius. Not for close encounters :P.
• Fixed not being able to place Jack statue asset from store.
• Balanced wood wall, reinforced wall, and brick wall health.
Update 2.0:
• Longer days and nights (50% longer)
• New weapons: Crossbow and Sniper rifle
• New traps: the grinder
• New items: trampoline
• New zombies: taxi zombie, zombie pigeon, exploding hobo zombie, SWAT hulk zombie, midget hooker zombie
• Human enemies: Knife and gun thugs
• New music for Dead Country and Rush Hour
• New boss: Verminzilla
• Visual improvements: DoF, color enhancement, and bloom lighting
• Improved flamethrower damage
• RV can now be upgraded to increase defense
Bug fixes/Balancing:
• Fixed Jack not appearing on some mornings.
• Being able to plant crops under world trees.
• Spitter Zombies are now easier to kill
• Titan and Hulk zombies are stronger
• Blood audio bug pausing all other sounds fixed
• Accessing the store, your inventory, or the pause menu now pauses the passage of time.
• Can now quit back to the level selection menu
• Save system improvements
Update 1.2:
• Dead Acres performance and visuals are getting a boost!
• We've added some small visual flairs like depth of field, bloom lighting, color correction, chromatic aberration, and tone mapping to the game.
• We've also gone through and made some changes to dramatically increase performance (materials change, dynamic batching, etc). The game will run a lot faster soon for those who were having speed issues previously.
Update 1:
• Title screen improvements. You can exit from the title screen now.
• Options menu. Turn music and sound on/off. Set visual quality.
• New music

Видео из игры Dead Acres [Update 2.1]Dead Acres [Update 2.1] Dead Acres [Update 2.1] Dead Acres [Update 2.1] Dead Acres [Update 2.1] Dead Acres [Update 2.1]