DinoSystem - многообещающий симулятор экосистемы, в котором сочетаются динамическое окружение и открытый живой мир, выполненное в сандбоксовой стилистике. Данная игра понравится всем любителям стратегии и RPG, на выбор вам дается два режима, первый из них - режим Бога, а это в свою очередь значит одно, что вы полностью контролируете экосистему, вы следите за ее жизнью и развитием в целом. Второй режим, так называемый режим - Survival, где вашему герою предстоит нелегкое испытание - выжить вопреки всему, среди динозавров. Эта игра обладает реалистичной игровой механикой, со своими скиллами, набором массы тела, мышечной массы, метаболизмом и многим другим. Все это происходит в Северной Америке доисторического периода, одно нелепое движение со стороны человека и эра динозавров может закончится, будьте предельно осторожны. Понятный игровой интерфейс, хорошо прорисованная графика, помогут вам с интересом скоротать свободное время, чего вы добьетесь в конечном результате, не знает никто.

Особенности режима Бога:

Ecology simulation: the game simulates a Cretaceous ecosystem populated mainly by dinosaurs, animals and plants don't "spawn"; they are born, then grow, reproduce and die.
DinoSystem uses a complex seasonal model that calculates day/night length, relative position of the sun, and influences the weather. Seasons transition is gradual, no sudden change between two seasons.
Realistic weather model that takes into account variables like time of day, humidity, temperature, and pressure; generating weather conditions like rain, snow, wind, sand/snowstorms, thunderstorm and fog.
Thunders can trigger huge wildfires, burning down entire forests.
Realistic water cycle: rain creates puddles that can either evaporate or grow into ponds and lakes. Evaporation takes into account air humidity, temperature and sun exposure.
Terrain changes according to factors like presence of water, weather, vegetation, and location. Any area can become fertile or arid, new forest or grasslands may form or disappear over time.
Fire (from torches to campfires and wildfires) consumes available fuel, releasing heat and light, and it's influenced by air humidity and wind; you body and all objects near a fire are heated up. Fire can spread to nearby vegetation and trigger a wildfire, if ambient conditions are favourable.
Animals AI allows them to survive in their world and adapt; they'll reproduce, care for their youngs, look for protection or compete for food and mating.
Each new island is randomized at game start, based on parameters set by the player.
Everything, from dead animals to branches, decomposes based on factors like temperature, humidity, and location. There is no "timer" after which an item or a carcass disappears.

Особенности режима Survival:

Deep, complex and rewarding character progression system: metabolism, body muscles and fat change according to your lifestyle, and even your character's sprite changes in appearance to reflect this. Get fat to survive winter, get slim to be lighter and swifter, or get muscular to be stronger in combat and more capable of hard work, but make sure to eat enough proteins...
Needs like thirst and hunger are not just bars that drop at a constant rate: everything, from performing actions to metabolism and body weight, influence the rate at which you burn calories, consume water or get tired. For example, high temperature or intense activity make you sweat, requiring you to drink more water.
Dozens of skills, both mental and physical, that raise as you perform a particular action; but can also decay if you don't use them for a long time (only in "hard" difficulty!).
Crafting system allowing you to create items and weapons, advancing in technology at each step. NOTE: few items are craftable in the current Early Access build; expect many more to be added throughout the development!
Foods with different nutrition values: meat is valuable because of proteins, but make sure you cook it...

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