Happy Wheels - - это одна из самых беспощадных флеш - игр, в которой вам предстоит добраться до финиша. Используя подручные средства передвижения и различные виды транспортных средств, главным минусом которых является отсутствие страховки. Кровавое месиво из других разбившихся игроков, которые до последнего принимают участие в игровом процессе, даже когда у них отсутствуют верхние или нижние конечности, половины туловища. Не зря эта игра считается формой издевательского флеш жанра, ведь по своей сути такого обращения не заслуживает ни один человек. Желаем вам продержаться дольше всех, удачно добраться до финиша, и позлить своих друзей отличными онлайн результатами.

Happy Wheels is definitely one of the most blood-wrenching games you will witness. You must have a strong heart and stomach to play this game. I mean, if you don't mind a bit of blood complete with cartoon body parts being destroyed, you should enjoy this game…Maybe, it is your calling.
How they created the game is so intense. The physics and design areso well done, giving you the perception you are able to do anything with your character and the environment.
The game itself seems to be designed with a different take onhumour, giving the game a lot more possibilitiesand freedom thanyou would expect. If you are feeling rebellious already,this game gets a big recommendation.
The game has an amazing selection of very unique characters. As you progress though the game, you will be able to unlock 4 additional characters. There are 4 default characters you start with. My favourite character from the default selection has to be the Psycho IrresponsibleDad with his Son in the push chair for the sheer fact that you get to try and save both characters making it through these epic survival levels.
The actual objective of the game may seem slightly less obvious as it did for me. There are a few obstacles you will start to notice as you stroll through the levels, such as cliffs with never-ending pits or spikes just below a platform with a gap. Every level is different and is ultimately very exciting to play. The levels do seem endless, but there is an end - you may never get to see the end of a level. Do not be disheartened as the endings are possible, but it is very difficult to get there without injury/death.
A question rose in my head, “What is the point of progressing?” Later on, I realized it was because I was seeing the blood being sprayed everywhere as you carry on going with broken limbs and torn body parts hanging off you. The challenge ahead was gruesome. The game makes it ever-more-difficult to survive in one piece!
Ultimately, the game may come across as twisted and, at times, over the top, but once you are playing the game that doesn’t even cross your mind because it doesn’t affect how much fun you’ll have playing the game. As long as you strive to get to the end and you are able to keep all your body parts intact, you will only achieve greater liking and results for the game.
This game is being played by millions of visitors around the world every month. There are also many YouTube channels, most famous are the PewDiePie's channel and Tobuscus's channel, having millions of subscribers and billions of views!

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