Rock God Tycoon - веселый, аркадный симулятор рок-группы, где вам предстоит пройти непростой путь от создания до развития своей собственной группы, расписать на месяцы вперед свой гастрольный график, записывать синглы, каверы, новые треки, и тем самым привлекать все больше и больше фанатов. Игра начинается от создания персонажа, как и в каждом коллективе, у вас могут возникать недопонимания с участниками группы, разногласия, дружба будут сопровождать вас весь игровой процесс. На репетициях вы сможете не только петь, но и параллельно записывать и писать новую музыку. Вам придется объездить 76 играбельных городов в США, и в каждом вы будете собирать толпы фанатов, срывая повсюду аншлаги. Никакой группе не удалось пробиться без менеджмента и рекламы, закупайте рекламные щиты, крутите свою музыку на радио и ТВ. При помощи редактора сцены вы сможете грамотно расставить всех членов группы, спрятать или выставить напоказ весь реквизит. Также в игре могут проходить случайные события, ведь вся сюжетная линия неограниченна.

Rock God Tycoon (RGT) places you at the helm of your very own band and on the path to your own rock destiny. Choose your character’s discipline from guitar, bass, drums, or vocals, then hire the rest of your band before hitting the road to stardom. Manage your group and decide when deadwood needs to be cut. Fed up with the drummer missing shows? Fire the slacker and replace him!

Model your fully customizable characters with 300+ available items, all exceptionally detailed, beautifully designed, and with frequent new additions. Everybody needs to pay their bills though, and you’ll need to book the right shows and practice your songs to keep the money coming in; going from small town bars, to concerts halls and stadiums. Your band isn’t performing and is struggling to hold a note? Better put down that coffee to pick up that gauntlet and step on stage yourself to show them how it’s done. Gigging across 76 cities, each with unique venues, you'll constantly be on the road; whether it be in a van, tour bus, or a private jet.

As your skill and renown grows, so will your fan base. Head to the shop and use some of your cash to upgrade your instruments, equipment, and buy promotions in a fully realized catalogue of features. Make sure to manage the tension and egos in your band carefully, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to pay the rent. Well placed info tabs show you every actionable detail of your band, and allow you to manage all of your band's day to day goals. RGT allows you to write your own songs, develop and release your own albums, and sign record deals with a variety of labels.

This is the music tycoon game you have been waiting for and deserve.

Character creation
Band tension and solidity affecting your band throughout the game
Ability to write and create music
Rehearsing and recording songs
Signing a deal with a record label and album releases
Booking and simulating gigs with review feedback
76 playable cities in the USA, each including their own gigs and/or recording studios, labels or video clip events
Leveling system that affects everything your band does
Information tabs about every detail of your band
Billboard system and world ranking
Bands in the world release albums and change throughout the game
Shop system that allows you to buy promotions, vehicles, and props
Hiring, editing, and firing bandmates
Stage editor that allows you to place your band members and props
Song creation, an awesome tool that lets your create your own music
Perform your songs at your shows
Random events and a not restrictive story line
Multiple homes

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