Игра является ярким представителем и даже родоначальником жанра игр стратегий. Если вы увлекаетесь играми этого направления, тогда вам следует пройти и данную игру, проверить свои способности в качестве командующего огромными армиями.

Эта игра наверное стала первой с своем роде игрой, в которой появилась возможность управлять не отдельными отрядами, а целыми подразделениями войска различной направленности.
Final Liberation is a turn-based tactics video game released for Microsoft Windows in 1997. The game is best known as the first video game based on Epic, a table-top wargame set in the fictional Warhammer 40,000 universe, in an attempt to recreate the table-top experience on a computer as opposed to using it as a backdrop for games in other genres. As a result, the game borrows heavily in terms of rules and style from the table-top game, demanding a combination of luck and tactics necessary to succeed in game warfare.
The game operates in turns where the player must deploy and manage their units carefully through squad formations and unit selections. Both sides, the Orks and the Imperium, are presented with a wide variety of infantry selections and variations, allowing many possible outcomes and very intricate battles. This makes gameplay strategies more difficult to create and manage, however an experienced player can (and often does) take advantage of the variety of units available. These units include a large selection of ground vehicles (tanks, armoured personnel carriers, and artillery), infantry units and aircraft.
Notably, in the in-game information pages of Final Liberation, there were tabs for the Eldar and Tyranid races, suggesting that they were intended to be included at some point, possibly in an expansion. This never materialised.

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